Engaging in Math Modeling

December 2023

Greetings to All Teachers of Mathematical Modeling,

Hope you are gearing up for some family time with rest and relaxation during winter break! Just a few updates and support as you continue to engage in math modeling in your teaching!

One of our Project Investigator, Dr. Julia Aguirre has a new book!!!! Congratulate her and enjoy Dr. Maria Zavala and Dr. Julia Aguirre’s new book on Culturally Responsive Math Teaching!

This book introduces a model and a tool for Culturally Responsive Mathematics Teaching, constructed to create a safe, inclusive space where all learners can come together in their own educational journey and develop a love for math that centers their experiences and comes from the heart. Implementing the Culturally Responsive Mathematics Teaching Tool (CRMT2) will help you cultivate and sustain meaningful, rich, and rigorous mathematical learning spaces for all your students–experiences that foster mathematical curiosity and joy.

Family Inspired Mathematizing the World Routine

Kindergarten teachers in Virginia are continuing to engage in the Mathematizing the World Routine with a twist. Family-inspired MWR. They dovetailed this awesome routine as part of their Star of the Week program and have invited families and children to bring in photos and artifacts to engage in Notice, Wonder and Math Questions.


Please share ways you are continuing math modeling in your own classrooms! We would love to share it in our monthly blog! Email

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