Our Awesome Advisory Board 

Dr. Michelle Cirillo, University of Delaware

Dr. Elham Kazemi,  University of Washington

Dr. Jennifer Luebeck, Montana State University

Dr. Amy Roth McDuffie, Washington State University

Dr. Maria Zavala, San Francisco State University

Arizona Project Members:

Erin Turner, PI

Cynthia Anhalt, co-PI

Jonathan Brown, Graduate Student

Melissa Merrill, Graduate Student

Mei-Kuang Chen, Research Scientist 

NSF# 2008997

Montana Project Members

Mary Alice Carlson, PI

Elizabeth Fulton, Post-Doctoral Scholar

Mary Greene, Graduate Student

NSF# 2010202

Washington Project Members:

Julia Aguirre, PI 

Elzena McVicar, Graduate Student

NSF# 2008997

Virginia Project Members: 

Jennifer Suh, PI

Padmanabhan Seshaiyer, Co-PI

Holly Tate, Graduate Student

Kate Roscioli, Graduate Student

NSF #2010269